The Interest rates for Deposits is again lowered by 0.1% from 1st July 17

ஜூலை முதல் வட்டி விகிதம் மீண்டும் 0.1% குறைப்பு

Friday, 25 May 2012

                 இன்று 25.05.2012 மதுரை அன்னை சந்திரமதி திருமண மகாலில்  மணநாள் காணும் திருநெல்வேலி திரு சங்கர நாராயணன் (POSTAL ASSISTANT, MELAPALAYAM) திருமதி கலா கோமதி (POSTAL ASSISTANT, MAHARAJA NAGAR) அவர்களின் புதல்வன்  
திருவாளர்ச் செல்வன் S.ஜெகதீஸ்வரன் ,B.E.,M.S., Global Foundries, Singapore.
மணமகள் திருவாளர்ச் செல்வி A.கோமதி லதா,B.E.,    
ஆகியோர் பல்லாண்டு வாழ வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

GPF Interest rate 8.8 % from 2012-13

                     In a move which will benefit millions of employees, the government has hiked interest rate on contributions to General Provident Fund (GPF) and other similar funds to 8.8 per cent for 2012-13.
The interest rate on such funds was 8.6 per cent during December 2011-March 2012 period, while it was 8 per cent for April-November 2011.
"It is announced ... that during the year 2012-13, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.8 per cent per annum," the Finance Ministry said.
The benefit of increased interest rate will be available to subscribers of Contributory Provident Fund (India), All India Services Provident Fund, State Railway Provident Fund and General Provident Fund (Defence Services).
Contributors to Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund, Indian Ordnance Factories Workmen's Provident Fund, Indian Naval Dockyard Workmen's Provident Fund, Defence Services Officers Provident Fund and Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund will also benefit from the move.
Rate of interest on GPF is generally fixed after taking into consideration the average secondary market yields on government securities of similar maturity.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another feather in FNPO Cap.

Our stand vindicated.
AIPAOA (FNPO)  Recognised by Department of posts vide letter no 13/01/2010-SR Dated 18/05/2012 
Thanks to one and all for their efforts.

Cadre Restructuring Committee meeting

Cadre Restructuring meeting is proposed to be held in Directorate on 29.05.2012.

Gist of the Discussion with Secretay Department of posts on 21.05.2012.
click here to see the details.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

                        2012 ஆண்டு பன்னிரண்டாம் வகுப்பு பொது தேர்வில் 1150/1200 மதிப்பெண் பெற்ற திருமதி P.சிவஞான ஜோதி (OA O/o SPO's, Tirunelveli Division) அவர்களின் குமாரன் செல்வன் S.அனந்த நடராஜன் மற்றும் 1138/1200 மதிப்பெண் பெற்ற  
திருமதி ராஜேஸ்வரி (OA O/o SPO's, Tirunelveli Division) அவர்களின் குமாரன் செல்வன் I.ஹரி சங்கர் ஆகியோருக்கு எங்கள் அன்பு வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Monday, 21 May 2012

Anti- Terrorism Day 21st May


                  We the people of India , having abiding faith in our country’s tradition of non- violence and tolerance , hereby solemnly affirm to oppose with our strength , all forms of terrorism and violence. We pledge to uphold and promote peace, social harmony, and understanding among all fellow human beings and fight the forces of disruption threatening human lives and values

 நவ இந்தியாவின் சிற்பி "ராஜீவ் காந்தி" அவர்களின் கனவுகளை நனவாக்க சூளுரைப் போம்  


                         The Secretary Department of Posts, informed that discussion with Secretary Generals and General Secretaries NFPE/FNPO will be held at 11AM on 21.05.2012 at Dak Bhawan to take concrete decision on remaining items of the Charter of Demands. More orders issued after the announcement of Hunger Fast programme. Remaining items will be clinched in the 21st meeting. In view of the above , 


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