The Interest rates for Deposits is again lowered by 0.1% from 1st July 17

ஜூலை முதல் வட்டி விகிதம் மீண்டும் 0.1% குறைப்பு

Saturday, 18 June 2016

CBI probes misappropriation of over Rs. 1 cr in HPO - News from ' The Hindu'

CBI probes misappropriation of over Rs. 1 cr in HPO 
( News from ' The Hindu' dtd 17/06/2016 )

Sleuths of Central Bureau of Investigation have launched an enquiry into alleged misappropriation of public money to the tune of over Rs. 1 crore at the Head Post Office (HPO) here. The postal department has placed seven employees, including the prime suspect, a woman, and two Assistant Post Masters, under suspension.

After the department officials exposed the fraud in May and referred the case to the CBI, a seven-member team from the anti-corruption wing visited the HPO on Tuesday and completed the first phase of investigation on Wednesday. They verified the records and raided the premises of an agent.

Sources told The Hindu that the CBI officers had taken some records. The team questioned the husband of the prime suspect, a businessman, while avoiding questioning her as she was pregnant, the sources said.

The CBI officers also raided the premises of Lalitha, who had been a savings account agent at the HPO for more that two decades and believed to have collided with the main suspect. The officials seized some money and savings account passbooks from her premise, the sources said.

As the post of Superintendent of Post Offices for Karaikudi division was vacant for about three months, the department deputed the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Virudhunagar, to assist the CBI team for two days, the sources added.

Investigation is said to have revealed that the prime suspect and others misused the software for core banking, kept alive savings bank accounts of five account holders, who offered to close down them, and showed credit in the accounts, but did not deposit the amount.

The head office grew suspicious after a huge amount was “credited” into the accounts towards interest and verified the accounts when the fraud came to light. The main suspect, an MCA graduate who had joined the service as Postal Assistant in 2011, had been committing the fraud since 2014, they said.

She had committed the fraud after office hours, using the user ID and passwords of her colleagues who were in CBI net, the sources said. After making fake deposits into the accounts, she would withdraw the money through her benamis.Advance bail

Meanwhile, the prime suspect obtained anticipatory bail from the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, the sources said.

The Postal department has placed seven employees, including the prime suspect, under suspicion

Friday, 17 June 2016

கோட்ட செயலாளர்கள் கவனத்திற்கு

GDS verification- FNPO&NUGDS Joint circular - Click here to view

Latest News

Recruitment Rules of MTS, 2015 clarifications reg. 
Click the above link to view the order.

Revision of Pension of pre-2006 Pensioners with 10 Years of Service – CPAO allows revision - Read More

LGO examination will be conducted in July 2016 .Instructions will be issued to all Heads of Circles within a week

வங்கிகளை விட இந்திய அஞ்சல் துறை ஏன் சிறந்தது - ஒரு ஒப்பீடு

Various charges on SB Account India Post V/S Nationalise bank.

Various charges on SB Account India Post V/S Nationalise bank.
The analysis prove that facilities of India Post are cheaper than any other Bank. Let us facilitate our customer with high class services at lower charges.

Fixation of allowance of contingent workers like watermen/sweeper/Gardner etc

Fixation of allowance of contingent workers like watermen/sweeper/Gardner etc:                The issue discussed with our chairman postal board by our Federation on 15/06/2016.Secretary called ADG (Gds/Pcc) and give instruction to issue clarification in favour of contingent employees within two days. We hope this clarification relating order no.2-53/2011-pcc Dated 22-1-2015 to fixation of such contingent workers w.e.f. 1-1-2006   will pave way to benefit a lot to all the deserving poor contingent workers. The long pending issue raised by the FNPO many years comes to the end.Our sincere thanks to DG Post. 

NJCA Writes to PM on 7th CPC

7th Pay Commission – NJCA Writes to PM on 7th Pay Commission related issues and regarding NPS -  
Click here to view

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Delay In Taking Decision On The 7th CPC Award Will Rob The CG Employees' Increased Allowances For Ever – NJCA

Delay In Taking Decision On The 7th Pay Commission Report – The Government Is Duty Bound To Accept The Recommendation Of The Commission It Has Appointed.

The 7th pay commission which was set up in Feb. 2014 was to submit its report in August, 2016. However, at the intervention of the Government, the report was further delayed and it ultimately reached the Government only in November, 2015.

Their recommendations were to be effective from 1.1.2016. Except setting up an empowered Committee of Secretaries, the Government did not do anything so far on the report. It is now more than six months the report is with the Government.

Normally the revised allowances which form part and parcel of the salary of the employees are granted with prospective effect i.e. from the date of the issue of the orders. The delay in taking decision on the 7th pay commission report will rob the employees of the increased allowances for ever, The NJCA press statement said. This apart, the report of the 7th pay commission was totally disappointing as it did not address any of the issues projected before them in a proper manner and most of the demands were rejected sans reasoning and logic.

The increase they recommended was a paltry 14%, the lowest any Pay Commission had ever suggested. The NJCA in a detailed memorandum submitted on 10th December, 2015, conveyed to the Government as to how the recommendations on all major issues were bereft of logic and reasoning and suggested as to what improvements were required thereon.

The NJCA had been pursuing to have a meaningful negotiation and settlement of the issues. Except hearing the leaders, the empowered Committee did not go further. It acted as if it was powerless and the final decision will have to be taken by the Government. At the request of the Cabinet Secretary on Ist March, 2016, when the NJCA deferred the strike action which was to commence in April, 2016.

As there had been no fruitful negotiations or discussions and having realized that the Government has no intention to settle the Charter of demands, the NJCA decided to serve the notice for an Indefinite strike action on 9th June, 2016. Accordingly, all the constituent organizations have served the strike notice to their respective heads of Departments. The indefinite strike will commence on 11th July, 2016, if no satisfactory settlement is brought about on the charter of demands.

About 35 lakh workers and employees belonging to various Departments of the Government of India will participate in the strike action, which is to commence on11th July, 2016. It will certainly be the largest participated strike action of the Central Civil Servants of the country since its independence.

The determination of the Minimum wage on the basis of Dr. Aykhroyd formula enunciated in 1957 to which the Government of India was a party is the most significant issue in the charter of demands. A right settlement thereon will have far reaching impact in the wage determination of the entire working class in the country. The confrontation is between the forces who wanted India to be the destination for cheap labour and others who fight against the exploitation.

The new Contributory Pension scheme introduced by the Government in 2004 has made one third of the Civil servants unsure of their entitlement at the evening of their life even though they were to contribute huge sums from their wages every month compulsorily.

The PFRDA bill became an Act in the country as the members of Parliament both belonging to NDA and UPA voted in favour of the loot of the workers. Even the recommendation made by the Standing Committee of the Parliament to provide for a minimum guaranteed annuity pension was rejected when the Bill was passed. The other issue which must have a satisfactory settlement in the charter of demands is about the contributory pension scheme.

There was perhaps only one and only one positive recommendation made by the 7th pay commission. That was to give some relief in the pension entitlement of the past pensioners. The Government has now proposed to reject that recommendation on the specious plea that the relevant records required for the verification of the claim of the individual pensioners especially those retired long time back may not be available with the Government.

The Government is duty bound to accept the recommendation of the Commission it has appointed. If the Government chooses to accept such also untenable advices from whichever quarter it emanates, it would not only be unfortunate but will make the strike action an imminent inevitability.

While the NJCA hopes that the good counsel will prevail upon the Government to avert the strike action, it appeals all its constituents and through them all Central Government employees to go ahead with the preparation of the strike action, which is slated to commence from 11th July, 2016 with courage and determination, Mr.SHIV GOPAL MISHRA said in NJCA press statement.

Source : NJCA Press Statement

Inauguration Of ‪PostShoppe‬ Cum Parcel Packaging Centre At Thanjavur HPO, TN

Inauguration of ‪Post Shoppe cum Parcel Packaging Centre at Thanjavur Head Post Office, Tamilnadu. Magazines, handicrafts of Thanjavur, publication of Saraswathi Mahal Library, Thanjavur art plates, Thanjavur dolls are available at Post Shoppe.

Distribution Of Ganga Jal Through Post Office - Directorate Order


Click the above link to view order.

Secretary General's visit to Directorate.

Today SG, FNPO and President FNPO met The Secretary, DDG EST, DDG (Po) and Director Est.

Outcome of the meeting:
Pension benefits to erstwhile T/S casual labour - file processed favoroubly and sent to IAF for approval.
Postman Norms: Detailed discussion held however final decision not yet arrived.
Redesigning of Postman uniform-3 secretary Generals along with General Secretary of P-4 attended the meeting: Outcome of the meeting will be published on our website shortly.

Redesigning of Postman / Postwoman uniform

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Member Tech given instruction to TN CPMG to increase Bandwidth

Today SG, FNPO met Member Technology

Requested for increase of bandwidth at single handed and 1 + 1 Post Offices in Tamil Nadu Circle - NSP 1 from 256 kbps to 512 kbps.
Member Technology given instruction to CPMG Tamil Nadu Circle and City offices to increase the bandwidth immediately.

Latest Development of Cadre Restructuring

Cadre Restructuring for MMS : File has sent to Internal Audit Finance for approval. After approval of IAF it will be sent to Ministry  of Finance shortly.

Cadre Restructuring  for RMS / Circle Office / SBCO and Postmaster : Secretary wants to process it within 30 days time frame.  He called for details from Circle Offices within 3 days notice. 

NJCA formed Joint Consultative Machinery.

NJCA asked central government employees to be ready for strike on 11.07.2016 - Click here to view


National Joint Council of Action
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi – 110055
Dated 9th June, 2016.

            The National Joint Council of Action was formed as an apex level organization of the under-mentioned   Associations/Federations participating in the negotiating body of the Central Government employees at the National level, called the Joint Consultative Machinery.

1.    All India Railway men Federation.
2.    National Federation of Indian Railway men
3.    All India Defence Employees Federation
4.    Indian National Defence Workers Federation
5.    Confederation of Central Government employees and workers representing the
Unions and Associations in all Departments other than Railways and Defence.
6.    National Federation of Postal Employees
7.    Federation of National Postal organizations.

Cadre Restructuring for Postmaster Cadre

Postal Directorate asks for information from all Circle Heads in respect of RMS, SBCO, CO/RO, Postmaster Cadre and Mail Guard for Cadre Restructuring

Click here to view

Monday, 13 June 2016

Steps To Be Taken To Prevent Frauds In CBS Offices - Directorate Order No.25-11/2016-FS-CBS Dated 10.06.2016

Government of India 
Ministry of Communication & IT 
Department of Post
Financial Services Division
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi -110001
Directorate Order No.25-11/2016-FS-CBS 
Dated 10.06.2016
Subject : Further steps to be taken to prevent frauds in CBS Offices
1. It was requested earlier that all SBCO staff should be given training at WCTCs by User Champions for End User/Supervisor Module before SBCO training by Infosys. Please ensure that all SBCO staff has been trained by User Champions as well as Infosys. A certificate of completion of training should be obtained from all SBCO staff and kept in their service book.
2. Divisional Heads should ensure that SBCO staff is comparing LOT generated through MIS server with the vouchers received from SO/HO. Wherever, there is shortage of staff in SBCO, necessary help should be provided from Post Office staff to SBCO (spared from SBSO branch) to complete voucher checking.
3. Any objection received from SBCO by Divisional Head or Vigilance Branch of RO/CO should be investigated promptly.
4. Transfer of account from one CBS PO to another CBS PO should be carried out at HO only. If any application for transfer is submitted at any CBS SO, that SO has to verify genuineness of the customer by taking fresh KYC documents (if required). Application should entered in a register to be maintained in manuscript and forward with KYC documents to its HO for transfer of account. In HO, one designated PA should transfer the account and Supervisor has to verify the same. After transfer, Application of transfer and KYC documents should be returned to SO duly entered in SO slip. SO should make entry in the register and maintain separate Guard File for keeping such applications.
5. All visiting/ inspecting officers should check this register and guard file at SO.
6. No SO should transfer any account from one scheme to another. Any such request should also be sent to HO along with documents and recommendations by SO. This activity should be done only by Supervisor at HO and verify by another Supervisor at HO. All such requests should be entered in a register HO and kept in n separate guard file. This should also be checked and verified by inspecting / visiting officers.
7. SBCO staff should sing in each and every voucher after tallying with LOT generated through the system in token of having checked TRAN ID, Account number and Amount.
8. SBCO should also see the value date printed in LOT and if any value date of more than 3days of the LOT date is used, objection should be raised if no error book entry of approval of competent authority is not attached with the voucher.
9. Postmaster of HPO shall designate one PA who will generate LOT of Office accounts of Single/ Double handed SOs and see if any transaction of more than Rs.25,000/- is shown in these LOTs. Customer Account details of such transactions should be generated from HACLI Menu and sent to PRI(P) / Inspection Post / ASP(Post) for verification.
10. All CBS Post Offices should be instructed that BO transactions should not be entered if BO Bag is received after 3.30 PM. These transaction should entered on the next day
11. All CBS Post Offices should be directed to complete their transactions maximum by 5 PM and no new transactions should be entered after 5 PM. All supervisors should verify transactions regularly without delay so that EOD can be started by 5 PM.
12. All Supervisors should tally teller account with each counter PA with Treasurer’s Cash book and ensure that teller account has become 0 before start of EOD.
13. Teller Cash Account of each Single/ Double handed SO should be checked at HO by a designated PA to ensure that balance has been made as 0.
14. SOs should not lodge cheques in Finacle. Cheques received from New Investment and subsequent deposit should be sent to HO by preparing manual list. HO should lodge cheques presented at SOs for new investment against clearing office account of SO and for subsequent deposits in its own clearing account. SOs should check their New Investment Clearing Office account daily to see clearance received at HO and open accounts with value date as clearing date and fund the account.
15. Activities of security pledge or release in case of TD or NSC or KVP should also be carried out at HOs only. In case such request is submitted at SO, SO can verify the facts and recommend security pledge or release on the application and send to HO. At HO, a designated Supervisor will use HAFSM menu and execute the request. Another Supervisor or Postmaster has to verify the same. Application should be returned to SOs which will do necessary entries on the original certificates and keep requests in a separate guard file.
This has the approval of competent authority.
Sachin Kishore

Group of Secretaries meeting is expected to take place on Tuesday, June 14

The meeting of the Empowered Group of Secretaries reviewing the 7th Pay Commission, to finalize the payout to the central government employees did not take place as scheduled earlier on Saturday.
The office of the Cabinet Secretary confirmed that the meeting did not take place on Saturday. It did not reveal either when would the secretaries panel meet again to give the final shape to the salaries of central government employees

The role of all employees, including Grameen Dak Sevaks

"In coming days, the role of all employees, including Grameen Dak Sevaks, will be very significant, Postman has a vital emotional connect and is almost part of every family in villages- Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said in a letter to all postal employees
Government is firming up plans to set up 650 branches of India Post Payments Bank at all major district headquarters by September 2017, Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said in a letter to all postal employees.

"The India Post Payments Bank shall be set up with an investment of Rs 800 crore. The plan is to roll out 650 branches at all major district headquarters so that it may leverage the extensive outreach of the Department of Posts," Prasad said in the letter.

The Cabinet on June 2 cleared the proposal to set up India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) with a corpus of Rs 800 crore and a plan for 650 branches operational by September 2017. It will be scaled up further to cover the entire country by the end of 2018-19.

"The Prime Minister has urged that these 650 branches shall be made fully functional by September 2017," Prasad said. DoP is gearing up to launch the payments bank with a workforce of 3.5 lakh.

Prasad, in his letter, reached out to all postal employees for support.

"I earnestly appeal to all employees of the department and the Grameen Dak Sevaks to take pride and ownership in establishing the India Post Payments Bank which truly serves the cause of Antyodaya - serving the last man standing," he said.

He reasoned that the postman has a vital emotional connect and is almost part of every family in villages.

"In coming days, the role of all employees, including Grameen Dak Sevaks, will be very significant in successful rollout of the Payments Bank to make financial inclusion possible for every Indian," Prasad said.

DoP at present manages around 1.55 lakh post offices, of which about 1.3 lakh are in rural areas.

"I have no doubt in my mind that given your capabilities and your whole-hearted co-operation, we can accomplish the task. India Post has a footprint in every corner of the country," Prasad said.

IPPB will offer digitally-enabled payments, banking and remittance services of all kinds among entities and individuals as also provide access to insurance, mutual funds, pension and credit products in partnership with third-party financial service providers and banks.

"IPPB is being set up primarily to achieve the goal of full financial inclusion of the people in our country. It shall be a technologically-enabled banking platform that gives a wide range of services such as direct benefit transfers and all kinds of payments and remittances," the minister added.

India Post Equips Its Men With Handheld Devices For Taking Customers' Signatures

India Post Equips Its Men With Handheld Devices For Taking Customers' Signatures

Next time if your postman happens to ask you for your signature on a handheld device, don't think it's forgery. Postmen have actually been equipped with new tools to take down people's signatures and immediately upload the deliveries.

On Friday, chief postmaster general Ashok Kumar Dash announced that 'Pilot Postman Mobile Application' for real-time mail delivery has been initiated.

This move will cover speed post, registered letter, and registered parcels, among others. India Post has launched the app that will keep a tab on movement of your article to its destination.

"In Maharashtra Circle 18, postmen working at Bhandup east post office have been supplied with the smartphone loaded with Postman app, which has features of receiving the articles, obtaining e-signatures, uploading the data on the spot to the central server, etc," said Dash.

Once you 'ink' your signature on the smartphone, the details of delivery will be immediately uploaded to the central server, thereby, updating the records that the article has been delivered.

This system is similar to what's used by some of the private premium courier agencies, which update pick-up to delivery of any article on the palmtops.

The plan is to gradually increase the use of smartphones, but only after the results of the pilot project.

Meanwhile, an e-Commerce Parcel Processing Centre in Airoli is being developed on a plot of 4,000 sqmt. The complex would also house Airoli Post Office.

In Maharashtra, six locations have been identified for setting up of first year roll-out of India Post Payment Bank. This will be rolled out between January 2017 and March 2017. The six locations are Girgaum in Mumbai, Thane RS Sub-Office, Nagpur GPO, Cidco Colony in Aurangabad, Pune City Head Office and Satara Head Office.

Protest on the non-implementing of agreement on Cadre Restructuring.

DoP inviting logo design

Department of Posts on Friday started a contest inviting logo design and tagline for its payments bank from the public with a prize money of Rs.50,000 for the winner.

"The Department of Posts on June 10, 2016, launched a logo and tagline design contest for the soon to be set up India Post Payments Bank on the MyGov website. The contest is open to all Indian citizens, institutions, agencies and entities for one month until July 9, 2016," the Postal Department said in a statement. 

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared proposal to set up India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) with a corpus of Rs.800 crore and a plan for 650 branches operational by September 2017. It will be expanded further to cover the entire country by the end of 2018-19. 

"The best entry will be awarded Rs.50,000. A panel of eminent designers and experts will help shortlist 20 best entries which will thereafter be put up for voting on the MyGov platform for the final selection of the winner," the statement said. 

The government has earlier accepted new sign of the rupee and the Swachh Bharat logo from public contests. 

The department said it wants to connect with and involve the people of India in designing "the DNA" of the India Post Payments Bank. 

"One of the guiding principles of the India Post Payments Bank would be co-creating value propositions and products with its customers and other stakeholders. The present contest is the first step towards this ongoing engagement. It has also initiated a nationwide survey to understand the needs of different segments of customers," the statement said. 

The India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) will offer digitally enabled payments, banking and remittance services of all kinds between entities and individuals and also provide access to insurance, mutual funds, pension and credit products in partnership with third-party financial service providers and banks. 

Initially most of the 3.5 lakh workforce will be posted on deputation who will be gradually be replaced by fresh recruits. 

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has asked the Postal Department to hire an MD and CEO of the IPPB by August and set up a selection committee for hiring a chief financial officer by June 15.

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