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Saturday, 14 December 2013

மாநாடு சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்................

Divisional Conference of National Union of Postal Employees Group C,
Chennai City South Division.
Date : 15.12.2013 at 1000 Hrs                                     Venue : St Thomas Mount HPO. 

               Our Tirunelveli Divisional Branch extend our warm greetings to this conference for getting thundering success.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The Divisional Conference of Pollachi Division held on 08.12.2013 at Pollachi Head Postoffice.
               In this conference, Shri. S.Varadharajan, Shri.C.Mohan Raj and Smt. E.Angayarkanni were unanimously elected  as President, Secretary and Treasurer of  NUPE P3 respectively.
               Our Divisional Union congratulates the newly elected office bearer of Pollachi Division.



429/KGI/2013                                                                                 09-12-2013

To,                                                                Copy to:

The Post Master General,                               The Chief Post Master General,
Western Region, Coimbatore- 641002.             Tamilnadu Circle,  Chennai  600002
                                                                          [For favour of kind information ]
                            Sub; Verbal abuse and alleged mal-administration by the SPO`S krishnagiri Dn.-reg
                             Ref: RO.,Western Region letter No.STB/20267/2010 dated 25-11-2013
                                      addressed to our union regional secretary Sri.M.Muralidharan  

The  Divisional unions of  P3,P4, and NUGDS affiliated to FNPO have been conducting some serious
Protest actions  against  the  alleged  mal- administration  and  un-welcome   actions  of Sri.J.Paul-
Athisayanathan, SPOs Krishnagiri Division, of Western Region.

Our  Circle union letter dated 03-05-2013, and Regional secretary letters dated 06-05-2013,  12-07
-13 addressed to the PMG Western Region have  not  made any changes in the situation prevailing
 at  Krishnagiri, rather it is going to worse.
Divisional unions, after long patience , as no other go, had to issue, bulletins against the  torture of
 the SPO`S , and also to wage some agitations , the Demonstration on 17-10-2013, and Hunger strike on 28-10-13.
 Finally,  the  Regional  Administration  has  asked  Our Circle union to  mention  the  specific cases against  the officer for further necessary action.
For this our Circle union is responding  here as under.,
List of Specific cases :
Irregularity in repairing the Generator , Krishnagiri HPO campus ;

1)For repairing the Generator, Krishnagiri HPO, the  SPOs brought the Mechanic from Theni Division where  the  SPOs  Previously   worked,  as  if no  mechanic is available  at  Krishnagiri or Hosur, and incurred heavy expenditure for the frequent visits of Mechanic from Theni to Krishnagiri and   also for the repairing cost., but after all these exercises  the Generator is now keep abandoned, resulted in   affecting  the  service  due   to  lack of  Generator support ,  because of  mass  scale   power-cut prevailing in Tamilnadu.

2) Partiality in dealing the disciplinary cases-giving room for suspect- review requested
Sri.L.Muniappa, BPM of Chembralanepalli B.O a/w Shoolagiri S.O. found shortage of Rs.7162/- was Placed under  put-off  duty  and  finally  removed from service, where  as,  Sri.R.Rajendran, BPM of Kadiripuram .B.O. a/wKaveripattinam found shortage of Rs.21886/- not placed  under  put  -off duty.

3) Un-necessary expenditure while the Government is issuing instructions for cutting the expenditures.Though  there are sufficient pillows and Bed sheets are available at the IQ Krishnagiri ,he allowed the expenditure of Rs. 758/- for purchasing the Pillows and Bed sheets only to please his Christian brother who came here to attend some preaching ceremony, in July 2012 and no rent for IQ was collected for their stay in IQ.

4)Withholding of Pay and allowances even for small causes:
Sri.D.Srinivasan, SPM ,Berigai  S.O. was on leave  met with accident extended leave, for this the SPOs issued  oral  instructions to stop the pay,  due to this the official was forced to  appear physically  in divisional office attiring in dhothi  to show  his wounds  and  swellings  to SPOs to convince the SPOs. Sri.D.Arunagiri, PA, Krishnagiri HPO extended leave as he had to attend  his wife ,who had fallen down In the bath room and get her legs fractured..   His  pay  was also with held for the extension of leave.

Sri.S.Chinnasamy GDS MD ,Pothapuram B.O. a/w Kaveripattinam , on  some  public  complaints was made to work months together without salary on the instructions of the SPOs. When  the concerned  official met the SPOs, he scolded  the   GDS in Tamil  language equal to `You are having a body like bull , and shouted at him in singular disrespectful word in Tamil`Go out`[ PODA VELIYE] Sri.M.Rajiv Gandhi  an   out- sider  was engaged  as MTS  against  the departmental  Rules. When the  issue was raised by the union, he was posted as Gardener hurriedly by incurring extra cost.

5)Unbridled verbal abuse and using of  filthy language against the officials;
The SPOs is freely using indecent words against the employees normally, in case of ladies it is  in excess. Smt.Krithika Subramanian, formerly Manager, Speed post Business office , Hosur , who got appreciation from the past Chief PMG Ms.Shanthinair, was forced to go on voluntary retirement on 30-01-2012,  not tolerating the SPO`s verbal abuse.
6)Absence of Humanity  in SPOs approach towards employees :
Sri. N.Sivagnanam, PA , Singarapettai S.O. applied for leave to take care of his newly married wife who was in serious ill , but he could not get relief in time. Finally,  fed up  with  the inhuman attitude of the Divisional Administration , the official was forced to resign  the job.
 Conclusion: Our Circle union , with all fairness presenting these  issues to the kind notice of the PMG , requesting to  look in to these matters very seriously and take appropriate action to protect the image of our Department and dignity of the staff of  Krishnagiri  Division.

With kind regards,                                                                                                                     Yours sincerely
                                                                                                                      G.P.Muthukrishnan[Circle secretary]



MS. Indu Gupta,

Chief Post Master General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai- 600002.

                              Sub: Request for considering to arrange the Induction Training to the visually impaired
                                       Postal Assistant Candidates submitted

The  Postal  Assistants  directly recruited  in the year 2010,   almost  all, have  been  given  Induction Trainining.   But it is stated  that  the Visually impaired Postal Assistant Candidates  selected in that Recruitment  have not been given the Induction Training so far.

When  our circle union  enquired this  matter orally in  circle office,   it  was  told that ` Separate  study materials` to the visually  Impaired candidates are  finalized by the Postal Training Centre, Mysore., and on receipt of those  study materials the `Induction Training  to the Visually impaired will be conducted.

But now we have to presume that there is no further move on this subject from the following cited case.
Ms.V.Sumalatha, PA,   Ramanathapuram   Division,  visually impaired   candidate   of   Southern  Region
was deputed to Induction Training to be commenced from 03-06-13 to 30-07-2013 at PTC Madurai along with other normal Candidates,  but she  was  sent back immediately  from  the  Training  Centre without admission for training on the same grounds.

the Candidates like her may not be able to get confirmation in normal period along with other normal candidates  due  to  non-completion of `Induction Training`  my Circle union requests the  Chief  PMG
to  kindly intervene in this matter and take  necessary action  for giving the `Induction Training` to the
candidates  of visually impaired at the earliest , preferably  from the coming  session.

With kind regards,                                                                                                                           Yours sincerely

                                                                                                                                                          Circle secretary


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