The Interest rates for Deposits is again lowered by 0.1% from 1st July 17

ஜூலை முதல் வட்டி விகிதம் மீண்டும் 0.1% குறைப்பு

Saturday, 18 August 2012

May  the Blessings of Allah keep your heart & home 
happy & joyous  

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Exam for selection of eligible GDS to the cadre of PA/SA against the unfilled departmental vacancies for the year 2010-2011

Selection from GDS to Postal Assistant

Click here to see the order

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Independence Day

யாம்  பெற்ற இன்பம் (சுதந்திரம்)  பெருக இவ்வையம் 

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vk; Ks;Ntyp jkpopdKk; Rje;jpu fhw;iw Rthrpj;jpl tho;j;JfpNwhk;  

Flash News

Revised pattern and syllabus for examination to fill up the posts of MAILGUARD /POSTMEN and MULTI TASKING STAFF.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

IX th Federal Congress

Historical IX Federal congress ended with National anthem.

The following office-bearers were elected unanimously:
Our Divisional Union Congratulates the newly elected office bearers.                                 S/Shri.
President               : T.N.Rahate (Mah) 
Working President : Rajat S.Das (WB) 
Vice Presidents     :1. GulamRabani (AP) 
                                2. G.P.Muthukrishnan, (T/N)
                                4. K.Gunasekaran, (T/N) 
Secretary General : D.Theagarajan 
Deputy Secy.Genl  : B.S.Kashid (Mah) 
Asst.Secy.Genl.     : 1. C.P.Nayi (Gujarat)
                                2.B.Shivkumar (Kar)
                                3.Sekhar Mukherjee (WB)
                                4.G.Shankar Goud (Andhra)
                                5.Ranjeet P Gohil (GUJ) Secretary (Finance) : Brij Mohan (Delhi)
Asst.Secy.(Finance) : K.K.Koushik (Delhi). 
The General Secretaries of NAPE C,  NUPE PM & GrD NURC and NUR-IV  were elected as Departmental Council
members.    M/s. Lall & Co was appointed as Auditor.
Shri G.K. Padmanabhan will be the Chief adviser of the federation


                 " We join the nation in congratulating Wresler Shri Sushil Kumar for winning the Olympic Silver medal in the 66 Kg freestyle wrestling at the London Olympics and Shri Yogeswar Dutt for winning the Olympic Bronze medal in the  wrestling at the London Olympics 2012.   

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