Thursday, 22 November 2012


111/CU/2012                                                                                                    Dated   20-11-2012
The Chief Post Master General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai- 600002.
             Sub : Important issues discussed in the Circle Council Meeting are brought
                      to the notice of the Circle Administration for immediate attention
The delegates participated in the Circle Council Meeting of our union held at Tirunelveli
from 05-11-2012 to 06-11-2012 widely expressed following views.
1) Computers, printers are put in to use even beyond their life period. This has resulted in
slow operation, delay in finishing the work. Therefore very old and time-barred computers, Printers must be replaced with new items. And for servicing the Computers and Printers AMC cover may be provided for all times and also with powers decentralizing at Divisional level.
2) In Central Region, 7hrs Counter transactions including monetary transactions  has been introduced recently against the 6hrs already in force. All the other work including accounting, despatch etc. have to be completed with in the remaining 1hr felt very much difficult by staff There fore it is requested to restore the previous system of 6hrs Counter service.
3) In the Southern Region staff are facing heavy punishments like transfer to far away places etc. even for small reasons on the oral orders of the DPS Southern region. This must end. And in case of promotions like LSG Accountants , and Post master Grade II, despite there are vacancies in the homedivision, officials were un-necessarily transferred to other divisions involving un-necessary expenditure to the Govt. by way Transfer TA.
On the other side officials declined Promotions. For example this has happened in Madurai Dn. Finally all the efforts taken by the Circle office to fill up these posts become futile.
4) Delay in releasing the promotions of LSG General line. And almost all the HSGII Accountant posts are vacant, the action may be taken by the Circle office to fill up those posts.
5) Hundreds of GDS posts are lying vacant for a longtime, even for years.  Widely it  gives room for corruption. Therefore action must be initiated to fill up all the posts in a time bound manner.
6) Most of the Postal staff quarters in the circle are in damaged condition. The repair and Maintenance work must be undertaken with urgent attention.
7) Requests  placed  for   de-quarterisation of unfit  quarters  must be considered with out   delay.
8) Directorate  may  please be  pursued  to take  speedy action  for releasing  the `Revised Recruitment  Rule  to   HSG I,  paving the way for filling up of all HSGI vacancies and in
Continuation  `Post Master Grade III posts.
9) Action  may  please  be   taken   for  all  the   newly   annexed  areas of  Chennai   City Corporation to become eligible for 30% HRA
10) Vacancies of RLO may please be filled up.
All   the  views  expressed  by  the  delegates  of   the   Circle  Council Meeting  has  been compiled and presented to the kind attention of the Chief PMG, for redressal.
With kind regards,                                                                            
                                                                                                        Yours sincerely

                                                                                                               Circle secretary


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