Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Thanks to BJP

         BJP supports demand for 7th Pay Commission and DA merger

        The election season is one where any group can expect benefits of one or other sorts from the government. The ruling party will be rolling out sops while the opposition make their voice heard via their demands. It is no exception for the community of nearly 50 lakh Central government employees and pensioners.
            The BJP has now shown their support for the government employees in their demand for pay commission and DA merger. BJP on Monday termed hike in dearness allowance (DA), proposed to be announced by the government, as 'too less and too late' and demanded its merger with the employees' basic pay.
          "In the wake of rising prices of all essential commodities, inflation has been hurting not only government employees but also the poor and the middle class. The latest DA hike proposed to be announced by the government is too less and too late," said Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel.
          Goel said the Fifth Pay Commission had recommended that if the DA crosses more than 50 percent then it should be clubbed with the basic pay.
       "This provided some relief to government employees. But this was discontinued in the Sixth Pay Commission. Thus, at present, DA is more than 80 percent of the basic pay but it is not made part of the basic pay. Now, the DA is expected to increase by 10 to 11 percent but the government is not waking up," he said in a statement.
             The Delhi BJP chief said the government should set up the Seventh Pay Commission.
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