Friday, 3 January 2014


No 1/JCA-FNPO/14                Date: 02-01-2014                                                                                                                    
The Chief Post Master General,
Tamilnadu Circle,  Chennai-600002.
 Madam,       Sub: Regularising  RRR Candidates  as per Court Judgement without further delay
Out  of nearly   600 RRR Candidates  in  our Circle  , 202  Candidates, who went  to  the  court , got  their services  were  regularized  based  on the judgement dated 30-07-2010 of  the   Hon. Supreme  Court  of India. Subsequently, 37 Candidates got the same relief from the Hon.Supreme Court of India. Following this, the RRR Candidates ,those who did not go to the Court along with the above candidates ,  because of the strong faith on the department ,that they will definitely be absorbed by the department ,  but  unfotunately as they were not absorbed along with the  other candidates those who went to the court,  represented to the department for regularization of their services, but it was  rejected.
Then  OA 1072/2012  in  CAT Chennai  was  filed  by  Sri.A.V.Damodaran & 87 others,  the CAT  citing the
above Hon.Supreme Court Case , gave a judgement on 25-10-13 that , as these applicants of  OA also similarly placed Persons like above RRR Candidates ,they should also be given the same relief as was  given to 202 Candidates,and must be  implemented with in four weeks .This  has been confirmed  in Chennai Highcourt cases WP.NO.24535/2013,WP.NO.22333/11.judgements dated 30-09-2013, 01-10-2013 respectively. 
All these RRR Candidates were properly selected about 15 years back by the Circle selection committee for compassionate appointment, given due training and the order was also issued to them that they will be absorbed regularly in appropriate time, till such time they will be used against short term vacancies. Now throwing all these to the wind, the worst affected RRR candidates are chased by the Administration to the endless litigation, miseries etc.,
Therefore, we all the Circle unions of FNPO requests the Chief PMG to immediately issue necessary instructions for the regularization of the above RRR Candidates. In support of their cause all the Circle unions of FNPO have organized one day token` HUNGER STRIKE` on  07-01-2014 from 9hrs to 18-00hrs in front of the Circle office and will be headed by Sri.D.Theagarajan, secretary –general FNPO.
With kind regards,                                                                                                                              
 Yours sincerely   
                                                                                                                                            CIRCLE SECRETARIES           


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