Tuesday, 25 November 2014

March to Parliament - 4th Dec 2014

அன்பு தேசிய நெஞ்சகளே

நீண்ட நாட்களாக தீர்க்கப்படாத நமது கோரிக்கைகளை வென்றெடுக்க
பாராளுமன்றம் நோக்கிய பேரணியில் பங்கேற்க நமது தமிழ்மாநிலத்தில் இருந்து இடைக்கால குழுவின் தலைவர் 
திரு திருஞான சம்பந்தம் அவர்கள் தலைமையில்  நூற்றுக்கனக்கானோர் டெல்லி செல்கின்றனர்.  அவர்களின் முதல் அணி வருகிற 29ம் தேதியும் மற்றவர்கள் அதனை தொடர்ந்தும் செல்கின்றனர்.
அவர்களுக்கு நெல்லை கோட்ட சங்கத்தின் வீர வாழ்த்துக்கள் உரித்தகட்டும்.

March to Parliament” on 4th December 2014
Information to participants which is sent to ALL affiliated unions General secretaries and Circle secretaries on 17/11/2014
Dear Colleagues,
You are aware that the Postal JCA has decided to go ahead with the programme which we planned earlier. The Department of Posts does not respect our sentiments. Every demand which we raised in the charter of Demands is either rejected or delayed indefinitely by the Department. Taking into consideration of the present condition, the Postal JCA has decided to go ahead with our original programme, “March to Parliament” on 4th December 2014.
The following places/locations have been arranged for staying purpose for participants in the programme.
1.      Sanatan Dharam Sabha
Shiv Mandir
2283, Ashok Nagar
Faiz Road, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi 110 005.
2.      MTNL Quarters
CH 17-18, Atul Grove Road,
New Delhi 110 001.
In both the above places, our Federation will provide bedding for the participants.
Ø The Federation is unable to provide any kind of food to the participants.
Ø Participants may make their own arrangements in respect of food. Further we are unable to provide hot water to participants during their stay.
Ø  In December,the climate in Delhi will be of severe cold. Therefore participants are requested to bring necessary clothing so as to bear the cold.
Ø The March to Parliament will start at 10 a.m. from Jantar Matar.
All the participants of FNPO affiliated unions are requested to come to MTNL Quarters at Atul Grove Road at 9.30 a.m. FNPO procession will start from Atul Grove Road to Jantar Mantar and join with NFPE participants. From there we will proceed to parliament. Participants are requested to bear any inconvenience caused during their stay in Delhi. We are unable to provide proper accommodation to the participants at Delhi due to paucity of funds with the Federation. However we provide accommodation which is not lesser than that of NFPE participants. The places of stay mentioned above will be available from 3rd December to 5th December2014 up to 10 a.m. Therefore participants are advised to reach Delhi on 3rd December and leave by 5th December 10 a.m. The participants belonging to Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh are requested to come on the morning of 4th December.
The intention to hold “March to Parliament” is to show our strength as well as our anguish and protest against the Department / Government. Therefore all participants should bear the inconvenience during the stay in Delhi .FNPO hopes and trusts the participants will raise to the occasion.
Yours Fraternally,


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