Monday, 21 December 2015

மிலாது நபி விடுமுறையில் மாற்றம்

CGE WELFARE CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE :                                        Miladi (Milad) un Nabi Holiday Date to be Changed to Dec 24, 2015-

Milad un Nabi date calculation is based on  moon sight seen on 12th December and festival is to be celebrated on 12th day (December 24, 2015). 

Miladi Nabi 2015 date  is confirmed by Tamil Nadu Wakf Board, Government Chief Kazi, Janab.Mufti Dr.Kazi Salahuddin Mohammed Ayub.

Chief Secretary to Government. Thiru K. Gnanadesikan announced that holiday date has been shifted from December 23 2015 (Wednesday) to December 24, 2015 (Friday).

Hence   The issue has taken up with the  Chairman of the  Central Govt. Employees Co-ordination Committee by all the Unions and   they now  agreed  to  change the holiday from 23rd  to  24th December , 2015. The committee will be convened today. The orders are expected  by this afternoon.


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