Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Renovation of 85-year-old post office begins

The Department of Posts has begun renovation of an 85-year-old post office at Vellayil, a colony of about 10,000 people located between Kozhikode and West Hill railway stations. The renovation has been a long-pending demand, which was stepped up recently after it was found that the ceiling and other structures were unsafe for the employees and customers.
When this was brought to the notice of the Department, its authorities said that if the residents had a genuine appeal for improvement, it would be done. The residents, however, say that renovation is only one issue. The other is the status of the post office, and more facilities.
The residents have welcomed the renovation work, recalling how their campaign helped in re-opening it after it was closed for three years on the grounds of poor condition. They have demanded construction of a modern building with more parking facility.
Source: The Hindu


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