Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Cadre Restructuring & GDS Issues latest.

        Today we discussed the matter with the officers in the Directorate.  According to our information, the Directorate is going to form a committee to review the order of cadre restructuring after obtaining the views of the Heads of Circle.
                    FNPO & NAPE-C strongly feel that some modifications required in the present cadre restructuring order at the same time keeping the orders in abeyance will create the unnecessary delay to get the promotion of the staff.  We are seeking the appointment of Secretary today after meeting the Chairman, we will post the outcome of our discussion on our website. 
GDS issues

GDS DA order will be issued shortly, in regard to the implementation of GDS Committee recommendation formalities will take at least 3 months time.
Let us hope for the best.

D.Theagarajan                           D.Kishanrao 
S.G FNPO                                    G.S NAPE-C


Praveen Kulkarni said...

What decided about compassionate appointment regular employees or departmental employees

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